Monday, August 31, 2009

We stayed at the Hotel Jasmine Fiore was Murdered In

Last week we stayed at the L'Auberge Del Mar which is really a gorgeous hotel. Everything about it, from the minute you drive up is sheer perfection. The entry road is paved in stone, you are greeted with friendly staff, there is an perpetual indoor/outdoor fireplace, at night the driveway is lit with candles. When you walk in, you have a stunning view of the ocean and often that salty breeze as well. Everything from the light fixtures, to the cutlery to the graphic design on the menus is so well done - and it's not really even my taste.

That is, except for the fact it is likely Jasmine Fiore either died or was dead in one of the rooms before she got stuffed into her own suitcase.

When we first checked in, we got a ground room which we didn't want. It had a really stunning outdoor patio that overlooked the deck, however we felt that it would be too noisy and got a room on the second floor. However, while we were waiting for our new keys, we did notice the patio had heavy, white, canvas, privacy curtains. One on each side to block out your neighbor and one in the front to make it a completely private cabana.

The next morning we had breakfast on the deck which is featured on the site. It overlooks the ocean and in the morning is cool and shady. While we were eating we noticed a ground room patio had all it's curtains drawn.

Later, during my husband's meeting, one of my husband's colleagues mentioned he thought Jasmine Fiore was murdered at the hotel.

This made us check the papers more carefully. Sure enough, Jasmine Fiore was last seen alive at the L'Auberge. Apparently Ryan Jenkins (her husband) and Jasmine checked in, then left at 2am for a Poker Tournament. Ryan returned alone at 4:30 am and then captured on security cameras carrying arm loads of clothing into his car. The police believe he was emptying the suitcase he was going to put Jasmine into. They are not sure how he got her back in the room, they think a back door was used and they believe at that time she was either dead or dying. My guess, is after he got her back in the room, he put her in the suit case on the patio ad hair and blood was found there. Then at 9am he left. What was he doing? Sleeping? Resting? How can you sleep or rest after you murder someone?

If that were not enough, the last thing in the article was they stayed in a ground floor room. I think that's the room we noticed with the curtains drawn at breakfast!

I understand this is an horrible tragedy. You have someone who had so much life ahead of her as well as the loss her family and friends have to endure. And you have her husband, someone who seemingly on the surface would look like he had a charmed life who ended up taking his own life. All that said, I am freaked out that I unknowingly stayed somewhere where something so violent happened.

Fresh flower display at the L'Auberge.

PS If I am right about the room and you want to avoid it, it is a ground floor room, third from the main part of the hotel and located on the right side of the deck when you're facing the ocean.

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